Customer Support.
Providing customers with the highest quality of service has always been the goal of Blue Ridge POS, LLC. Our customers appreciate the personal service they receive from our trained technical staff. Using the latest remote communications software allows us to log on to the customer’s equipment, without the cost of a long distance call. We can then perform a majority of diagnostic and maintenance work without having to travel to the customer location. There are many different levels of support offered by Blue Ridge POS, LLC. Upon the expiration of the 90 day software warranty period, customers have the option of selecting from a wide range of paid support. Everything from monthly billing to annual contracts which provide additional savings for advance payment. Please call us for a personalized 2007-2008 Customer Support Pricing Plan that best meets your requirements.

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Service Plan Features.
(Basic support no longer available. Discontinued June, 2007)
E-mail and FAX support for POS Linker and all BRPOS interfaces. Includes all POS Linker upgrades.
E-mail and FAX support (all year) for POS Linker and all BRPOS interfaces. Adds phone support from Mar 21 through Sep 21. Includes all POS Linker upgrades.
E-mail, FAX and phone support (all year) for POS Linker and all BRPOS interfaces. Includes all POS Linker upgrades.
Platinum support is the same as Gold, PLUS the addition of up to two (2) hours per month (non-cumulative) of MS Windows phone support to answer all your questions about Windows problems from printers to normal Windows applications such as MS Word, Excel and Outlook or Outlook Express. Includes all POS Linker upgrades. Does not includes “on-site” support. Platinum support is our premier plan that provides peace of mind and optimum budget control. Standard, Silver and Gold support is for POS Linker questions only.
All plans can be paid for either monthly, or for extra savings, annually. If paid annually, pay for 11 months and get one month FREE! Annual billing takes place in June, when business revenue is normally the highest.